are concerned about the future of the County and the impact of growth, changes in economic drivers, and the quality of life for the Citizens.
The absence of any long range plan or planning document for the County to use for the establishment of goals, objectives, laws, rules, guidelines or proposals is of concern to the Citizens of Wise County. A group of Wise County Citizens met to form a Committee to help develop a long term planning report to be presented to the public, Wise County Commissioners Court, County Agencies, Wise County Municipalities and Business Organizations and Business Leaders in the County.
  • Organize subcommittees focused on key components of the County that will have a direct impact on the quality of life of the Citizens of Wise County
  • Undertake studies and gather data to provide input for the creation of a long range planning document.
  • Involve Citizens, business groups, County Agencies, Elected Officals and all available sources of input and advice.
  • Not be limited by existing laws, rules or financial considerations when formulating ideas or making recommendations.
  • Prepare interim reports to be released to the Public and Elected Officials for review and comment.
  • Prepare recommendations for consideration by Elected Officials, Business Leaders and Organizations, Civic Groups, and the Citizens of Wise County to assure planned growth for the benefit of the Citizens.
  • Remain an ongoing group for continued study.